Resolutions for the New Year

December 28, 2013
I like lists. Ok, I LOVE lists. Grocery lists, to-do lists, supply lists... you name it. Well, with the end of the year I feel compelled to make a list of projects I want to get done. This past year I had one goal.

Keep the chickens alive.

If you've read any of my past posts you know that we have had very little success with chickens in the past few years. Well, early this year we purchased our new flock. Annnnnnd... we have lost a few, but we still have the majority of our girls! We've also gotten a few eggs here and there and I am looking forward to the spring when they'll be older and more mature. If not, well, "you lay you stay." We're masters at starting from scratch, so it won't break my heart if it comes to that. I'm just happy that they've made it this far!

So, goals for this year.

1. Makeover the laundry room.
2. Make the screened in porch a useful area. With Colt getting more mobile and another little one due in the summer, that porch will make a perfect play/entertainment area!
3. Get a boyfriend for the bunny. We've kept her alive and it's time to start utilizing her baby-making. Bunnies=meat.
And, possibly...
4. Build a separate, smaller coop for a small flock of meat birds. My goal as far as animals go this year is to produce some meat!

Not a huge list, I know. But I've learned that doing too much, without much planning only leads to headaches and things done half-way. And I don't want that.

Stay tuned!

The last six months

December 12, 2013

Six months. Yep. That's how long it's been since I've peeked on here to blog. That's a long time.

I had the lofty idea that I would schedule a blogging time.


Is it ok to blame everything on Colt?

I didn't grade papers today.

It's Colt's fault.

I didn't wash the dishes.

Colt's fault.

The floor, um. it's dirty.




But guess, what?! I think I'm getting the hang of this being tired, busy, and oh-so in love with that baby that it really doesn't matter.

Because it doesn't. Now, am I...
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Best. Brownies. Ever.

June 18, 2013

I'm  teacher. As such, I sometimes get requests from my sweeties for homemade goodies. I have now taught six years and in each of those six years it never failed that I would get asked to bake brownies...

Well, I tried to bake brownies.

And failed.

Even with a box mix.

When Mister came along and we were dating I even attempted to make him some. I'm glad I tasted them first because if a man's heart is through his stomach, those brownies would have sent him running and we would not be where we are ...
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Summer 2013 A.C.

June 13, 2013
After Colt, that is.

You should see our garden. It is... well, it is...

covered in grass.

Last year I was all over that garden weeding and pruning and picking.

This year? Well... let me just say hats off to our ancestors who somehow managed their homes and gardens with 12 babies pulling on their aprons. It makes me ashamed of myself... and of my garden.

It isn't totally lost, at least. Mister has been on evening shift, which means in the mornings I can feed Colt, tuck him under Daddy's arm, and ...
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Blessings from above

June 5, 2013
Last year, I didn't realize until it was too late what those nasty, purple, gooey spots on my car were. I thought they were a nuisance! It wasn't until closer inspection that I saw they were mulberries. Mmmm... mulberries... I remember my mama making mulberry cobbler out of those rich-tasting berries from the tree by the barn. Sadly, I let the berries go to waste last year except for one sandwich size Ziploc bag full.

This year, however, I was ready. I kept an eye out. Each day checking the g...
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Snow in May

May 30, 2013
And in Georgia, too! My nephew and I made a list last week of things we wanted to do this summer when he comes over. On that list was a snowball fight.

A snowball fight?

In summer?

In Georgia?


Holy cow. This. Was. Fun.

Like, ridiculous fun.

Like, I turned into a little kid again fun.

F. U. N.

So how do you make it snow in the summer in Georgia? We got two boxes of cornstarch and a can of cheap shaving cream. This little project cost us a whopping three bucks. It may have been the best three dolla...
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A question

May 23, 2013

Since Mister and I have been married my nephew has gotten to come over a few times each week during the summer. When we lived in apartments we would enjoy the pool, Callaway, and pretty-much-whatever-he-wanted-to-do. That could be tie-dyeing shirts or, like yesterday, making a lady bug house. Don't get me started on that! If it works, I'll let you in on it!

This week marked our first day together for the summer of 2013. I was a little worried, since Colt is here, that he wouldn't have as good ...
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Grrrrrr... grout

May 19, 2013

We have lived in our lovely home going on two years now. My pretty white kitchen is blessed with a pretty tile floor. Tile means grout. Grout means, "I'll get around to cleaning that one day..." Yeah. One day... when exactly is that, anyway?

For me, that day was Saturday. Saturday is the day I mop so I had the ridiculous idea that I would clean at least a section of the grout in the kitchen. I was afraid of it, to be honest. How exactly do you clean that stuff?

Enter Pinterest.


Just say...
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So long, dryer...

May 18, 2013
No, it didn't break. I decided to take a page from my mama's playbook and let the sun and fresh air do the job. My mama always line dried our clothes (and she still hangs clothes out) way before it was the 'green' thing to do. We had a dryer, but it was meant for cold and rainy days. A few things prompted me to finally give our dryer a break:

1. The power bill. Need I say more?

2. My mama did it.

3. Why waste a perfectly good sunny day?

I don't know if it will truly make a difference, but I am an...
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They do exist

May 14, 2013

If you know us or have been following my blog for any length of time, then you know that I haven't had the best luck with chickens. However, my middle name is stubborn. When it comes to those feathered creatures I am the Little Engine that Could. There is a difference between doing the same thing over again, though, and changing and learning from your mistakes.

I have changed. I have learned.

FOUR times.

Yes, Mister and I have gone through FOUR flocks. Ok, so maybe my middle name should be chick...
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