No, it didn't break. I decided to take a page from my mama's playbook and let the sun and fresh air do the job. My mama always line dried our clothes (and she still hangs clothes out) way before it was the 'green' thing to do. We had a dryer, but it was meant for cold and rainy days. A few things prompted me to finally give our dryer a break:

1. The power bill. Need I say more?

2. My mama did it.

3. Why waste a perfectly good sunny day?

I don't know if it will truly make a difference, but I am anxious to find out! We've been blessed with a wonderfully cool spring here in the great state of GA, so this past month's bill didn't make me want to go jump off of a cliff. BUT when trying to find ways to save money with summer coming up and think, "Air conditioner" or "Dryer?" Hmmm... I live in Georgia. I'm cutting the dryer. I will gladly pay for air conditioning!

Drying our clothes on a line obviously didn't hurt myself or my siblings while we were growing up. It's relatively painless. Sure it may take more time than throwing everything in the dryer and mashing a button, but how many times have I thrown something in there and forgotten all about it... or just figured it could stay in there a few more minutes... hours... days... Where is that pair of pants? If I hang it out, I have to bring it in. It's there in my face every time I look out the window.

What I finally decided on was a wooden drying rack. I found it on ebay from a guy in Virginia that makes them himself. Made in the US of A! Yes! I LOVE this thing!

It takes some practice utilizing all the space efficiently. There is 50 ft. of drying space. I found that starting from the bottom center works best. I can easily get two big loads of laundry on it! I can move it indoors or outdoors and it folds up flat for storage!

I haven't used our dryer in two whole weeks now! And, guess what? I have folded and put away every clean piece of clothing every time I have done laundry. That alone made the switch worth it!

What about you? Have you thought about dumping your dryer? Do you use somethng different? I was amazed at all the choices there are out there when it comes to air drying your laundry!