We have lived in our lovely home going on two years now. My pretty white kitchen is blessed with a pretty tile floor. Tile means grout. Grout means, "I'll get around to cleaning that one day..." Yeah. One day... when exactly is that, anyway?

For me, that day was Saturday. Saturday is the day I mop so I had the ridiculous idea that I would clean at least a section of the grout in the kitchen. I was afraid of it, to be honest. How exactly do you clean that stuff?

Enter Pinterest.


Just saying it gives me warm fuzzies.

Between my sister, Martha Stewart, Pinterest, and all the wonderful homesteading blogs I love to follow I have learned that you don't have to buy fancy, chemical filled cleaners. There are a few ingredients you have on hand already that make great household cleaners. Vinegar is one of them. I have gallons of vinegar stock-piled. Vinegar is to me what duct tape is to a man. I. Love. Vinegar. This post isn't even about vinegar and here I am rambling about it. See? I told you I love it. Where was I? Oh, yes. Cleaning grout. You don't need vinegar.

You need baking soda and peroxide. It's not just for whitening teeth! You can whiten your floor!

I sprinkled baking soda on the grout grooves (is there a technical term for that?) and then squirted peroxide on the baking soda. (Next time, I'll have a squirt bottle full of peroxide, I just squirted it out of the bottle this time.) I let it sit there while I mopped other rooms in the house and then came back to it. I saved the best for last.

1. I am pretty ashamed of myself for how dirty my floor was/is.

2. Can you tell which side got cleaned?

3. EEEEeeeeewwwwww!!!

4. It worked!!!!

It barely took any scrubbing! And barely any scrubbing is my kind of cleaning! I am planning on doing one section of floor each time I mop until I get it all clean... because, well, barely any scrubbing is still a bit much. And, now I know that in addition to my squirt bottles full of vinegar, I need a squirt bottle full of peroxide!