dirt (dert) n. 1. any unclean or soiling matter, as mud, dust, dung, trash, filth, etc. 2. earth or garden soil

We all know there are other meanings for the word 'dirt.' But I like these two. I like it on my knees when kneeling in the garden. I like it under my fingernails or on the end of a shovel, freshly turned, ready for planting or playing in. Mostly, I like it on my boots. What better sign is there for hard work and a life being well lived other than red Georgia dirt on your boots? 

My name is Heather. I am a twenty-something born and raised in the South. My Mister and I moved into our first home and started our homestead in September of 2011. Sitting on our front porch, looking out on our sweet six acres is about as close to heaven as we can get while here on earth.  From its shade we can watch the chickens fall in line, the goats bounce, and Jessie Belle (our Blue Heeler) and Cat (the starved kitten that found us) snuggle on the porch rug. 

We are blessed, my Mister and me. 

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"Trouble knocked on the door but, hearing laughter, hurried away." - Benjamin Franklin

I can't promise trouble won't knock in this little life of mine, but I do hope there will be plenty of laughter within the walls of my home to send it swiftly running. So, please, join me as I share with you the silly (and sometimes serious) musings of this country couple. You'll find I love to cook, take care of my animals, and tend my garden. I might also throw in some teaching tidbits... 

Grab yourself a cold glass of sweet iced tea, kick off your boots, and sit a spell. Read about life on our homestead that sits in front of two tall cedars (the twin cedars) or giggle at the goings on in my schoolroom (the day job)... who knows, maybe I can encourage you to get some dirt on your boots.
You can visit my old site, Amateur Teacher Extraordinaire. There are lots of posts to read about teaching, cooking, gardening, and more. Since homesteading has become such a big part of my life, I figured it was time for some new blog scenery. I hope you can still enjoy the old posts, though!
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