I like lists. Ok, I LOVE lists. Grocery lists, to-do lists, supply lists... you name it. Well, with the end of the year I feel compelled to make a list of projects I want to get done. This past year I had one goal.

Keep the chickens alive.

If you've read any of my past posts you know that we have had very little success with chickens in the past few years. Well, early this year we purchased our new flock. Annnnnnd... we have lost a few, but we still have the majority of our girls! We've also gotten a few eggs here and there and I am looking forward to the spring when they'll be older and more mature. If not, well, "you lay you stay." We're masters at starting from scratch, so it won't break my heart if it comes to that. I'm just happy that they've made it this far!

So, goals for this year.

1. Makeover the laundry room.
2. Make the screened in porch a useful area. With Colt getting more mobile and another little one due in the summer, that porch will make a perfect play/entertainment area!
3. Get a boyfriend for the bunny. We've kept her alive and it's time to start utilizing her baby-making. Bunnies=meat.
And, possibly...
4. Build a separate, smaller coop for a small flock of meat birds. My goal as far as animals go this year is to produce some meat!

Not a huge list, I know. But I've learned that doing too much, without much planning only leads to headaches and things done half-way. And I don't want that.

Stay tuned!