After Colt, that is.

You should see our garden. It is... well, it is...

covered in grass.

Last year I was all over that garden weeding and pruning and picking.

This year? Well... let me just say hats off to our ancestors who somehow managed their homes and gardens with 12 babies pulling on their aprons. It makes me ashamed of myself... and of my garden.

It isn't totally lost, at least. Mister has been on evening shift, which means in the mornings I can feed Colt, tuck him under Daddy's arm, and run like the wind to garden to hack and pull and mumble under my breath for a mad 2 hours before little man is hungry again. When Mister is not here, I put Colt in his jogging stroller and bring him along. He doesn't enjoy this as much as being snuggled up with Daddy, but at least I can still get in the garden and do a little.

We get a basketful of goodies each day from the garden which makes me realize the grass hasn't totally destroyed our hard work of tilling and planting.

There are things I am learning. And one is that last year is not this year. Last summer I completed so many projects: a milking/grooming stand, a rabbit hutch, a small goat shelter... This year I haven't wrecked one single pallet. Oh, well. There are some things I have gotten to do this year that I didn't get to do last year:

-hug Colt
-hold Colt
-take naps with Colt
-kiss Colt's feet
-kiss Colt's chubby cheeks
-kiss Colt's fingers
-make Colt smile
-stare at Colt and be amazed that he is here, safe and sound

The rest can wait, can't it? Weeds can grow, the floor can get dirty, the dishes can sit in the sink an extra hour or two...

I think I'm doing well for a first time mama. I've made mulberry jam and peach preserves, and I have a basket of peppers ready to can on the counter... and now, well, in my lap I hold a beautiful sleeping creature straight from heaven and if that is all I get done today, then that's fine with me.