And in Georgia, too! My nephew and I made a list last week of things we wanted to do this summer when he comes over. On that list was a snowball fight.

A snowball fight?

In summer?

In Georgia?


Holy cow. This. Was. Fun.

Like, ridiculous fun.

Like, I turned into a little kid again fun.

F. U. N.

So how do you make it snow in the summer in Georgia? We got two boxes of cornstarch and a can of cheap shaving cream. This little project cost us a whopping three bucks. It may have been the best three dollars I ever spent in my life.

First, we squirted out all of the shaving into a big bowl.

We then dumped in the cornstarch and mixed it together.

The result was a smooth, soft, fluffy mound of goodness! We were able to easily form it into perfect "snowballs!" Unfortunately, I don't have a snowball picture since we were a tad too excited to get on with our fight...


*insert giggles, screaming, and 'dohs!' here*


We WILL be doing this again before summer is over. And we will probably make a double batch! I was really expecting it to be nasty and stick to us, but you can see in the picture above, we hardly got dirty! And we smelled good, too... heehee!

So, there you have it. Snowballs in summer.