Seriously? I. Have. Been. Pooped. Rather badly, too. Forgive me for not posting in so long. I just know you've all been DYING to know what I've been up to! Heehee. 

Truth is, I've been taking naps. Lots of them. In between naps, however, I do get some things done. This past week the little quail have been enjoying the new home I made for them. 

About a month ago at school someone was going to throw out an old bookshelf. Well, instead of taking up prime real estate at the local dump, I asked if I could rescue and repurpose it for the Twin Cedar quail... I don't really like these quail, but I figure if they're going to be here they might as well be happy. 

The bookshelf was a triangular prism shape with some particle board backing that held the books in. With the right eye, it looked like the perfect "quail tractor." And, if the quail end up not working out, it will make a swell bunny or chicken tractor.

Here's the process. All in all, this took me about two days to make. Not bad!

I would put a picture of the actual shelf here before I disassembled it, but, yeah... I forgot. Poop.


These are the "bones" of the shelf. The particle board backed the actual frame. I ended up beating them relentlessly with the hammer easily pulling those off and then staining the frame that was left. The open end was a nice hard wood triangle that I cut for the door:

I then added some hinges and a latch that Mister picked up from the hardware store for me.

Then, I stapled all our scraps of chicken wire to the frame... have I ever told you I have a love hate relationship with chicken wire? I do. I absolutely love all the cool things you can do with it, but I absolutely loathe that it will tear you to shreds in .25 seconds. Wear gloves if you ever do even the tiniest craft with it. You'll be sorry if you don't. 

So, here is the final product!

Now the little bitties can scratch and roll around and be the useless cute birdies they are. Maybe now they'll start laying some eggs! 

On a totally different note, if you've heard of Fresh Eggs Daily, then you may be familiar with Bluebird Pottery. Look at my goodies I ordered! 


That Suzanne is so stinkin' talented! If you like to support artist like her, I encourage you to check out her Facebook page!

Now, until next time! Which hopefully won't be that far away...