I love pallets. You can do practically anything with them as long as you've got an imagination. This past year I made a rabbit hutch, two shelves, and a milk stand using pallets that my Daddy saved for me. A month or so ago he brought me two HUGE pallets. I've been waiting for the day and time I've had enough energy to get out there to make something of at least one of them. 

Here's the one I wanted to work with.

This bad boy was about eight feet long... maybe, I forget the exact measurements. Regardless, it was BIG. I've been wanting a potting/craft bench for a while. Well, since I've been off for Christmas, I knew it was time to get busy!

We thought maybe we would want it indoors for a while since it's winter, etc. So I made my measurements so it would fit under a window. I made all my cuts and turned the above pallet into... DUN DUN DUN...

BOOM! How 'bout them cookies?! It looks pretty legit! Granted, I'm not perfect and I am pretty sure it's not perfectly level, but hey. It's amazing the things you can do with basic carpentry skills and an imagination! Makes me feel like a woman! Can't wait to see what other fun DIY projects I'll get to play with this year! 

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