... a dull moment. Just when you think things are calm and settling down... the goat gets her head stuck in the gate. 

And then the dog decides to bite said goat on the ear while goat's head is stuck in said gate.


You would think pygmies would have a harder time getting stuck in things because they're tiny. Not, Loretta. Like all goats, she believes the grass is greener and the leaves crunchier on the other side.

You still think that, Loretta?

Mmmhmm. Little miss sulked for THREE days after the head-stuck-in-gate incident. How did I figure out that sweet little Loretta was not truly hurt, but just had hurt feelings? You bring out the sweet feed.

Run, kick up heels, nibble on your pants... and here I was worried she was in shock or something. Seriously, though. I was concerned. The day of she wouldn't budge. She stayed in one spot in the pasture and laid down the whole day. Day two: she hid in the goat house and refused to come out... except when she saw the special goat treat jar that has the forbidden crack sweet feed. Both days I gave her an aspirin and an electrolyte solution just in case. I also cleaned and medicated the little boo-boo on her ear and talked to her sweetly to help soothe her pride. 

The combination of all the above must have helped because today she was up and out grazing and browsing like nothing had ever happened. Praise the LORD. I really didn't want a seriously injured or sick goat on my hands. Thank the LORD, too, for goat forums and websites dedicated to such things as dog bites and goat boo-boos... and parents who let me be part of 4-H when I was a kid and have sheep. I remembered a little bit about what to do.

On another happy note, Hank has only jumped on one of our feathered friends in the past five days and I was here to catch him and rescue the poor rooster. I finally bought a leash and a harness... we're about to have some serious schooling. These heelers love a good challenge and Hank is of the age that he needs to learn to be as smart as Jessie Belle to be around all our animals without eating them. We'll see. The harness is really for Jessie, who I am eager to start walking and running with. She is so stinkin' athletic it ain't funny and I know she'll make a good workout buddy. I also purchased a coupler for the leash so that Hank can go to and I only have to use one leash... yeah, I don't know how that's going to work out. 

So, there are a couple of updates. Oh! Thursday we go to the doctor. The last 12 weeks have flown by and I can't wait to see what baby looks like now!