Just not the kind you eat. Who knew that a mere three weeks after writing that last post, Colt would be here?! Yes, the little man was six weeks early and we were blessed to exeperience the roller coaster called the NICU.

How can those two words be in the same sentence together? 
My question is how could they not be?

We spent just shy of three weeks there and it is an experience I will never forget and one that I don't particularly know if I would want to forget. The nurses were fabulous. While it killed me inside to know they knew how to care for Colt in a special way I couldn't, I wouldn't have wanted him to be anywhere else. 

Thankfully, we are now home, safe and sound. Which means you should see more of me... now us. Eee! So, I'll leave you with one of my most favorite pictures...

This was taken just moments after he was born. See that face? He is SCREAMING! The most beautiful sound to any mother of a premature baby. I still cry just thinking about it...