... is a cutie pie. Adorable. He is the king of puppy dog eyes. He's got a face that will make you melt...

And then he went and ate chicken number 15... or 16. We've lost count.

So, we finally had to resort to what all the old timers say is a no fail method of getting you dog to stop eating your chickens.

No, we didn't have to shoot him. Thank the LORD.

Fortunately, this time, we caught him right smack dab in the middle of attacking a chicken and it was still (barely) alive. Mister, knowing the lady wouldn't make it, went ahead and put her out of her misery. Then, with some paracord, tied it around Hank's neck. 

Gross, I know. We were/are at our wits' end when it comes to that dog and his love of chicken. "Poor" Hank walked around as though we had disowned him. Talk about "puppy dog eyes." He had them mastered. He. Looked. Pitiful. Each day we left it on him he looked more and more dejected. He hid. He sulked. He pulled his cute little ears flat to his cute little head... and drug that chicken around as though it were going to be the death of him. We gave him over two days with it around his neck. Ideally, you're supposed to leave it on 'til it rots off. Well, that's a tad to nasty if you ask me.

The result? Well, we really don't know yet. I do know one of our little bantams was out in the yard and as Hank and I walked passed it, Hank completely ignored it. Usually, it doesn't matter if we're watching. He'll chase them anyway. So, I guess that's an improvement. If, in a month, he hasn't touched a chicken, I'll consider it a success. I truly hope and pray so. 

Until then, we'll continue our "daily lessons" with him of heel, come, and stay. He's a tough nut to crack, that Hank. Amazing how two animals can be so different! I won't wrap this up by asking why can't he be more like Jessie... even though I'm pretty sure I just did... hee hee. Here's to a 0 chicken kill week!