This morning at 7:00 you would have found me on the front porch. From there I could see the girls (our Red Star chickens) lining up and tip toeing down their ramp ready to meet the sun. Loretta and Lynn (our pygmies) made their way out of their house, too, with plenty of quiet bleats, waiting to be noticed... and myself? Well, I was filling water balloons and putting them into the YETI until there wasn't room for more. Jessie Belle helped by chasing the water hose and trying to lap up any extra water that squirted on me or the porch. Cat put in some helping paws by chasing any bug that moved and quickly pouncing upon it. A day that starts with laughter on the porch and filling water balloons must be a good day.

Why water balloons? Well, a bunch of family and friends are getting together today to have our first FUNdraiser for Team Josh. What is Team Josh? Glad you asked! Team Josh is a fundraising effort to support research for A-T (a rare disease my brother has)... I would spell out for you what A-T stands for but 1. you could pronounce it, and 2. I can't spell it off the top of my head. Even after 27 years of knowing what it is and how to say it, I still find it impossible to spell on my own. All you need to know is it's ugly, it's mean, it robs my brother of the abilities that you and I take for granted. But there's a few things A-T can't touch and it's his smile, our love for him, and the blessings that he brought to our life in his 29 years that the LORD saw fit for us to borrow him... and I have a feeling we'll have many more years with the smiles, the love, and the blessings. BUT that's why we need funds for research. He isn't the only one and there is so much more that needs to be known about A-T so that other families have more time with their loved ones with A-T. Josh wasn't supposed to make it this far... well, medically speaking. He is our miracle man and I know my life would be vastly different had I not been born his sister. I am so glad I was. I can't imagine life without him. 

If you'd like to know more about this disease and Team Josh Adkins, then follow this link

Maybe this doesn't have much to do about the homestead... but it has plenty to do with my heart! And that's not bad for a first post, now is it?