Three years ago we celebrated our first Christmas and New Years together. We were living in an apartment at the time, but it was spacious enough for us to have family and friends over. It was the first time I got to host a party and I wanted it to be perfect. I used a Martha Stewart menu and for inspiration. That particular week there was a post on allrecipes about cream cheese stuffed penguins.

Yes, penguins.

Are you ready for cuteness on a toothpick?

Are you ready to completely amaze your friends and family?

Then, you must make these. 

This is my third time making them since them and they get a lot easier once you know what you're doing!

Here goes. 

Ingredients: 1 can medium black olives (pits removed), 1 - 2 cans large black olives (pits removed), block of cream cheese SOFTENED, toothpicks, three or more large carrots (peeled and sliced), and half a pack of ranch dressing mix.

1. Cut a slice down the middle of each large olive. Do not cut all the way through as to where you would cut the olive in half. Cut a line straight down the middle (length wise). This is so your olive will be able to be stuffed with the cream cheese and show the white of the cream cheese. Set aside.

2. Take each little carrot "medallion" and cut a small small triangle out of each one. Save both pieces. These are you feet and beaks.

3. Mix your cream cheese and Ranch mix and put into a piping bag or other neat piping utensil. I have a pampered chef icing gun thingy my mother in love gave me. It rocks. So here's everything assembled together to begin your penguin army.

4. Take your cut large olives and pipe the cream cheese mixture into it and set them on your "feet".

5. Holding a medium olive side to side, poke a "beak" (the little triangles you cut from the "feet") through the side with the biggest hole. 

6. Next, poke a toothpick through the head and body until you feel it push down into the bottom carrot feet. Like so. This holds your penguin together.

AH! See!? It's a penguin! Finally, repeat these steps for an hour and a half for what feels like about 1,000,000 times until you have as many penguins as you like. You can play around with different flavorings for the cream cheese to see what you like best. It can be time consuming, but there so dang fun to make and look at. And you end up with this...

Aren't they precious!? Now, this is my first attempt at such an in depth step by step... so please, no hate mail if you try this and want to pull your hair out! I dare you to make these and take them to your next Christmas party, New Years party, or baby shower. Try them, you'll be so glad you did!