I tried to make pie crust once... then twice... then a third and fourth time... Every time it was the hardest thing ever. How can something that only has three or four ingredients in it be so stinkin' hard to make!? 

Well, when my friend graciously gave me the recipe for her tomato pie and made the remark, "You can use a store bought pie crust, but something this good needs a homemade one..." I knew that I had to make my crust myself... again.

So, instead of using the same recipe I had (which was a Martha Stewart one, go figure! Not to disrespect Martha. I would nevah do such a thing... jail or no jail, that woman walks on water if you ask me) I decided to do a search on allrecipes. My search, "easiest pie crust." That is what I wanted, after all. The most simple, basic crust I could make. Here's the recipe I found:

1 1/4 cups flour
3 tablespoons ice water
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup shortening (don't say it, I'll say it for you, "GOOD GRANNIES!!!" At least that's what I said when I read it, but I was determined. And if the perfect pie crust kills me, then so be it.

Basically, you just mix your flour and salt (and then shortening) together as though you were about to make biscuits, then drizzle your ice water on top, mix it up, turn it out, and roll. Boom. Pie crust. The flakiest pie crust ever. Mister wasn't too keen on my zucchini pie when I made it, but raved about the crust that held it all together. The idea of a tomato pie didn't thrill him either until he asked, "Did you make that pie crust for it?" 

I don't know why I struggled so with making a crust from scratch, but I sure am thankful for a good recipe! Take a look:





 I like to roll out my crust between wax paper so that it peels right off and plops straight into the pie plate!