You know the saying, "Got your goat." You say it when you're upset about something or when something just isn't going right... or some one plays a trick on you. My goat was had today.

Remember my post about having been on Twin Cedars for a full year now? Yeah, I've got plenty to add to that list of things I've learned... I'll save it for year two. So, next September, be ready for another list! 

Today... today... today...

Can I tell y'all about today?

It started off fantastic. Perfect really. It's fall break for me since I'm a teacher and Mister is on evening shift. This means I've gotten to sleep in late and wake up with Mister. Fabulous! We've even gotten to eat breakfast together the last four days! Nothing is better than that, folks.

The last 10 weeks have had me crawling and lazing around from exhaustion. I never knew growing a baby made you feel like you have ran a marathon. Of course, I've never ran a marathon, but it has to feel like growing a baby. This weekend marked 11 weeks and I woke up this morning feeling like a new woman. No sickness, no counting to three to get my head off the pillow, no counting to three before I took a bite of my breakfast... you name it. I felt GOOD! And since I felt so wonderful, I decided to make a to do list.

On my to do list was to convert an old Army trunk into a cushioned trunk for our sheets and blankets for our bedroom. Done. That's a whole post in itself. Sweep, mop. Done. Laundry. Done. Free range the rabbits using the "rabbit tractor." Done...

Then, I went to check on said rabbits...

Yeah, one was missing. Our big Silver Fox buck... which we really needed since, well, we won't get any babies without him.

Seeing that he's a very big rabbit, it made sense that he could have easily pried himself out of the tractor. He is definitely strong enough to lift it as much as he would need to. 

My perfect day... mmm hmm.

Hank, who I've introduced to you as the world's cutest heeler puppy has lost his title when, about two weeks ago, he decided to start chasing chickens. Chasing, of course, soon turned into eating. EATING. WHOLE. CHICKENS. 

Almost half of our flock has been lost to this sweet, happy, ferocious, devil of a puppy. 

Then, this weekend, he got sick. Very sick. I pretty much thought he was dying. Why? He'd eaten too many chickens! The vet called it garbage gut. I called it &^$^&**(^$%@$*#@%(@$(&^$@(*&. In my head. 

For the past three days Hank has abstained from chicken chasing and eating. We celebrated this as Hank learning his lesson. Right? He did learn his lesson right? 


Thankfully, this flock lets you know when something is up and as I was putting grades into the computer for school, I heard the familiar, "OH MY LORD SOMETHING IS AFTER US" clucking.

That something was Hank. Again.

I got there in time. 

I came back inside.

I sat down for ten minutes.

I heard it all over again.

I flipped OUT. 


He survived, I promise. 

Then, as I was leaving the coop to make sure all the chickens were accounted for, guess what I saw out of the corner of my eye?

It was silvery.

It was big.


I ran and got Mister's fishing net and a handful of rabbit food. It heard me shaking the feed and hopped right to me...

Listen, folks, if you're going to have rabbits, make sure you know how to grab them.

I have yet to perfect my methods. 

That thing went berserk when I grabbed him. I have the claw marks and soon to be scars to prove it. BUT, I got my rabbit back. Heck, yeah.

The point of this post? I'm not sure. However, I can tell you that there is never a dull moment. Even in the moments that I wanted to scream and pull my hair out today, I could still find something to laugh about. I know you're laughing as you read this. How can you not? I mean, really? 

Really, though, when I turned around and saw that stupid rabbit when moments before I was yelling and chasing a puppy as it attacked my chickens, well, it pretty much stopped me in my tracks. It was like the LORD saying, "See, I'm going to take care of you. Whether it's good or bad. Big or small. I am here. Serious or silly. Rabbits or chickens or puppies. I am here. Sorrow or joy. I am here." This is my life He has given me. It may sound trite, it may sound foolish, but through it all, He is here. Here. Right here. With me. Bringing my bunnies back.