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Poop, banjo pickers, and turnips

Posted by Amateur Teacher on Monday, October 29, 2012, In : the homestead 
In other words, an update:

This past weekend was a busy one in front of the twin cedars. It mostly involved scooping a lot of poop. And I mean A LOT. Almost five gallons of rabbit poop, ten gallons of a beautiful hay and goat poop mixture, and a nice ten gallon bucket of chicken poop. It's amazing what you get from two pygmies, nine chickens, and four little bunnies!

Don't let that make you queasy. Poop, like rain on a garden, is a fabulous thing! When an animal is well taken care of and its di...
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Never, and I mean NEVER...

Posted by Amateur Teacher on Wednesday, October 17, 2012, In : goats 
... a dull moment. Just when you think things are calm and settling down... the goat gets her head stuck in the gate. 

And then the dog decides to bite said goat on the ear while goat's head is stuck in said gate.


You would think pygmies would have a harder time getting stuck in things because they're tiny. Not, Loretta. Like all goats, she believes the grass is greener and the leaves crunchier on the other side.

You still think that, Loretta?

Mmmhmm. Little miss sulked for THREE days after t...
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Bringing my bunny back

Posted by Amateur Teacher on Tuesday, October 9, 2012, In : the homestead 
You know the saying, "Got your goat." You say it when you're upset about something or when something just isn't going right... or some one plays a trick on you. My goat was had today.

Remember my post about having been on Twin Cedars for a full year now? Yeah, I've got plenty to add to that list of things I've learned... I'll save it for year two. So, next September, be ready for another list! 

Today... today... today...

Can I tell y'all about today?

It started off fantastic. Perfect really. It's...
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